I want 2023 to be the best year my Chapter in Greenville, SC has ever experienced.

To help me think smarter about growing my Chapter, I started to write an “Action Plan” with ideas to help me get more people to attend our monthly meetings. After reading some of the posts and comments on our CL Facebook Group, I realized others were also needing to think smarter about growing their Chapters in 2023.

As a result, a few of us CLs got together on Zoom to discuss our 2023 Chapter Action Plans. We talked about ways to get regulars to attend more regularly. How to attract first-timers. Ways to better connect with SLPs, Colleges and SLP students to broaden our reach. And more…

Below is a 30-minute video sharing many of strategies and ideas discussed to help us grow our Chapters in 2023. Grab a pen and some paper as you watch this video and be ready to jot down some ideas to use in the coming months to grow your Chapter attendance.

Prior to the calls, I sent out a Meeting Pre-Read that outlines research findings for why people attend stuttering support groups and the many benefits PWS experience from attending meetings. Following the calls, I sent out an Action Plan Summary that shares my guided conversation talking points. Both downloads are below.

NOTE: The strategic pathways and ideas shared in the video and downloads are from my experiences as a Chapter Leader and career as a marketer. This was done as a volunteer effort on my own to help other Chapter Leaders think smarter about making a greater impact with their Chapter.

I truly hope this helps you develop a 2023 Action Plan to grow your local Chapter.

John Moore
Greenville, SC